Thursday, February 15, 2018

Marti Ziegler’s WATERMARK – River pirates!

An unusual story, cleverly told that will take you down a flatboat on the Mississippi to New Orleans.

Set in 1828, beginning in St. Louis, this is the story of Juno Brock, a young widow who meets a dangerous criminal on the street who threatens her to get her to deliver a package. She believes it has to do with counterfeiting but since she can’t read, she doesn’t know what is written on the directions he gives her. Instead, she sells her hair for the passage north to Michigan Territory to join her mother.

Reunited with her mother and her father-in-law, who runs a riverboat store, river pirates attack them on the Mississippi River leaving her in the wilds of Michigan Territory with flatboat pilot Malcolm Moreau. He agrees to give Juno safe passage to Natchez, Mississippi, in exchange for the information she gained from the criminal she met in St. Louis, a man Moreau has been hunting for some time.

As Juno and Malcolm travel the Mississippi, they have many adventures and come to appreciate how right they are for each other. But Malcolm is reluctant to give his heart. So, of course, he bungles it.

Great writing makes this story flow effortlessly and Malcolm’s riverboat crew are a delightful bunch of characters. Historical details reflect solid research into the era and the riverboat life.

A great adventure… You will love it!

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