Friday, May 17, 2019

Kathleen Givens’ KILGANNON – A Very Worthy Heroine in a Great Highland Romance – a Keeper!

After reading On a Highland Shore and its sequel Rivals For The Crown, I became a devoted fan of Givens and her amazing talent for weaving a story from history that sweeps you away.

Kilgannon is a story of the same Highlander family in On a Highland Shore, but ten generations later--in 1712. Set in Scotland and England, it tells the story of Mary Lowell, a pampered debutante, swept up in London's society of parties and entertainment. Mary saw no suitors that appealed to her but then it was expected she'd marry the Campbell. Then Alex MacGannon, the Earl of Kilgannon, shows up at a soiree in London one evening wearing a kilt and Mary is intrigued, captivated.

They called Lord Kilgannon a barbarian, a Scottish chief of clan MacGannon who sailed the seas in his ships. But Mary finds the Scottish lord polished and with a wonderful sense of humor. Alex knows what he wants and he wants Mary Lowell for his wife, to live with him and his two young sons in castle Kilgannon. The Highlands are torn by rebellion, and Mary is drawn into the conflict as another man competes for her love.

Alex is every bit the man his ancestor, Gannon, was and I could not help falling in love with him as he pursued Mary, a very worthy heroine. English, she is a strong woman of character who would leave her own land for his.

Givens' writing is wonderfully descriptive and the feelings between the two characters develop subtly and believably. You are drawn into their world without realizing it.

The sequel, The Wild Rose of Kilgannon, continues story of Alex and Mary as they face England's wrath together. When you can't stop reading, you know you've found a keeper. The two books comprise a rich tale of the 18th century you will want to re-read! Givens is a superb storyteller.

It’s on my Best Scottish Historical Romances list, My Top 20 list and My Favorite Heroes & Heroines list!

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