Saturday, May 25, 2019

Tammy Andresen’s SCOTTISH DEVIL – A Scottish Laird with a Face of Stone and a Heart of Gold

Set in Dundee Scotland in 1780, this is the story of Stone Sinclair, Earl of Alban, whose harsh countenance earned him the nickname “Devil”. He’s actually a nice guy with a heart for his people and his family of siblings. When his solicitor comes to his estate to deal with the books in the wake of Stone’s parents’ deaths, the lawyer suggests Stone marry Eliza, the solicitor’s daughter.

English Eliza McLaren believed the rumors about Stone and, when her father attempts to make a match between them, she vows to never give herself to a man like Stone. As she observes all the good he does, she will be forced to change her mind.

This story is short and reads like a novella with much given to us: Stone’s wants to marry and Eliza is conveniently dropped in his lap by her father. Still, Stone is a compelling character and there is much here that could have been developed into a longer story.

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