Monday, November 18, 2019

Megan Bryce’s TO CATCH A SPINSTER – Delightful Novella! Contented Spinster Looking for Experience in Love

Olivia Blakesley, a spinster who is content with her love of astronomy and books, nevertheless wants to experience physical love. So, she sets out to find a man who can provide it. He must be an unattached gentleman and not a rake. Nathaniel Jenkins is just perfect.

Nathaniel is supposed to choose a bride from the balls and soirees. However, he is bored by the debutantes’ chatter. When Miss Blakesley appears to make him a most improper offer, he is shocked and intrigued. After some consideration, he agrees. After all, she does not chatter.

As you might imagine, there are some explicit, albeit well written and tasteful, love scenes in this story. Nathaniel comes to see Miss Blakesley as his perfect match but she is disdainful of her ever being a proper wife and refuses his proposal.

Another well-written early Victorian by Bryce and with enough back and forth to hole your interest, I recommend it.

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