Friday, January 24, 2020

Victoria Vane’s IVAR THE RED – Great Viking Novella!

This is the second in the Wolves of Brittany novella trilogy and continues the Vikings’ struggle to gain Brittany. Ivar the Red unexpectedly finds himself in charge of the Norse army after his brother, Valdrik, is severely wounded. Ivar will do anything to have the victory, save take a Breton wife.


Her highborn status protects her from bondage and Lady Emma of Quimper is determined to defend her castle until she opens the gates to save an old friend from the Viking invaders. Her trust misplaced, she finds herself at the mercy of a bloodthirsty heathen—Ivar the Red.

Ivar deals gently with Emma, merely imprisoning her until she escapes and runs to their enemy.


Ivar is a compelling character and we met him in book 1, Breton Wolf. Now we see him reluctant to admit he wants the woman he calls a Valkyrie. Vane does a good job of putting us in the era and her research shows.


Viking romance lovers will want to read all three in the trilogy of novellas.

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