Friday, November 5, 2021

An Early Christmas gift! The Holly & The Thistle is free!


London, December 1818

Lady Emily Picton’s only thought upon entering Berry’s wine shop was to purchase a bottle of Madeira for her good friend Muriel, Countess of Claremont. She had no time for an impudent clerk—or so she thought.
Scotsman William Stephen, who’d sent the clerk at Berry’s to the cellar to hunt for a special French cognac, took the rain-battered female to be a charwoman who hadn’t bathed in weeks. But when he saw her pale purple eyes, the color of heather, he decided to help her.
An English lady, a handsome Scot and Christmastide all come together for a wonderful tale of unlikely love. 

The story will put you in the mood for the season, I promise. 

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