Saturday, September 24, 2022

Cheryl Bolen’s WITH HIS LADY’S ASSISTANCE – A Fun Regency Romp!


Set in 1813, this tells the story of Captain Jack Dryden of the 14th Light Dragoons, who is drafted by the Prince Regent to find the person trying to kill him. Jack, it seems, has some experience as a spy.


To enable Jack mingle among the aristocrats so he can identify the Prince’s enemies, the Prince solicits the aid of Lady Daphne Chalmers, the oldest of Lord Sidworth’s daughters. Daphne is well connected and intelligent, but no beauty. Jack finds her very clever.


Together they embark on an investigation that leads them down some rabbit trails and in the process, Jack decides there is more to Lady Daphne than her mind, which ain’t so bad either. And, there is one person who wants Jack dead, which makes for some exciting scenes toward the end.


I loved their banter and the look at Regency Society Bolen so accurately paints. There are lots of historic figures populating the story and a candid look at the infidelity that was rife in the Regency among the higher classes.


It’s a well-researched, thoroughly enjoyable, sweet read.


The Regent Mysteries Series:


With His Lady’s Assistance

A Most Discreet Inquiry

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