Thursday, September 22, 2022

Georgette Heyer’s THE FOUNDLING – Delightful Story of the Duke Who Would be Ordinary

This Regency is a great one by Heyer. It’s the story of Adolphus Gillespie Vernon Ware ("Gilly"), the seventh Duke of Sale, who is young and kept from life’s hardships by his domineering uncle and his devoted servants. Ever accommodating, he is finally fed up and decides to escape. Donning the garb of a commoner, he leaves behind his fiancé to discover whether he is “a man, or only a duke”.

His first adventure arises from his errand to deal with the man who is blackmailing his cousin. That works out better than he expected. This leads him to take under his protection a lad who has run away from his controlling father and tutor and a young woman who is beautiful but an airhead. She is the foundling.


This is so well told with many details of the characters personalities. Heyer is gifted at bringing all the threads together. The obstacles the young duke confronts, had me turning pages. His fiancé, Harriet, joins him toward the end and shows herself to be his perfect match.


Highly recommended.


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