Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Carmen Caine’s THE BEDEVILED HEART – Superb Love Story from 15th century Scotland!

Ever wonder what a 5 star historical romance looks like with no love scenes? Well, this is it! Oh there’s lots of kissing and wooing but we’re not shown into the bedroom when the action happens. And though I might have liked to see those scenes, I truly did not feel deprived. I just loved this story from old Scotland…a true historical romance superbly told with wonderful characters, the history of the time and many layered like a rich tapestry. I highly recommend it.


Set in Scotland in 1479, it’s the second of Caine’s Scottish Medieval series and tells the story of Cameron Malcolm Stewart, Earl of Lennox. Cameron, a handsome Scottish noble, has been married and made a widower 7 times, never consummating the marriages before his brides died. So, he reasonably believes his marrying any woman condemns her to an early death.


On one spring day near Stirling Castle, Cameron encounters a young woman, Kate Ferguson, who is selling charmed stones in one of Stirling's alehouses. He tosses Kate a shilling in exchange for a kiss. He is charmed by her winsome ways. Later he ends up helping her ailing father and finds he can’t stay away from the lass. She thinks he’s an outlaw, and against her better judgment, falls in love with him. 


Meanwhile, Kate and Cameron are caught up in the intrigue swirling around King James III’s court. As the king falls prey to his indulgence in the black arts, accusations of witchcraft and treachery abound. The fate of Scotland hangs in the balance, and Cameron attempts to unravel the plots while trying to hold together the country he loves. 


The fast paced story will have you reading late into the night. A quality story very well done.

The Highland Heather and Hearts (Scottish Medieval) Series:


The Kindling Heart

The Bedeviled Heart
The Daring Heart
The Bold Heart



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