Friday, October 7, 2022

Denise Domning’s AUTUMN’S FLAME –A Medieval Rich in Historical Detail

Set in 1194, this is the story of Elyssa of Freyne, a pregnant widow, who seeks to avoid a third, forced marriage. She also wants custody of her young son Joselyn, who she considers too weak to be a squire, as everyone would have him. However, Geoffrey FitzHenry, Lord Coudray, the shire's new sheriff, disagrees. As sheriff, he must make Elyssa his ward until her child is born and he thinks Joselyn should be sent away to become a squire. Instantly he and Elyssa are at odds.


Geoffrey is scarred from the attack on his face by his mad wife, now dead. All women except Elyssa are repulsed by him. Worse, he despairs of ever having the love of his young daughter, who once loved him but now avoids him. Elyssa’s coming will change all that.


Domning vividly creates the world of late 12th century England with a story that is rich in colorful characters. It’s also a story of a mother's love that holds her young son too close. She will learn many lessons from a man she thought to hate. And he will find the widow too attractive to leave alone.


The action scenes are quite good including an attack on the Freyne castle and the historical detail reflects much research. However, as this is part of a series and other couples appear, I recommend reading it in order so as not to be confused when the other folks show up en masse.


The Graistan Chronicles, 1194-1197, (aka the Seasons series)


Winter’s Heat

Summer’s Storm

Spring’s Fury

Autumn’s Flame

A Love for All Seasons


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