Saturday, March 11, 2023

Ashley York’s EYES OF THE SEER – Love Amidst Warring Clans in Medieval Ireland

Set in 1095 in Eire (Ireland), this is the story of Astrid and Marcán of Clonascra, both from the same clan but meant to marry others. Of marriageable age, Astrid is tempting to those young men who only want her virtue. And the neighboring clan has plenty of warriors who fall into that category.

Marcán, however, has proven himself as a warrior and a gentleman, guarding Astrid’s virtue while wanting her for his own. Born with different-colored eyes, a condition thought by some, including Astrid’s mother, to mark him as a disfavored seer, he must fight Astrid’s mother who wants Astrid marry out of their clan.

Urged on by her mother, Astrid seeks the attention of a man who initially only wants her for pleasure but then decides it is politically expedient to marry her.

The story is rich in historical detail and puts you into the medieval era as opposing clans vie for control. The language reflects an earlier time which I quite liked.

One clan treats their women well; one does not. Our heroine is from the clan that treats women well, but she makes some very foolish choices and has difficulty speaking up for herself. Too, her mother dominates her.

Marcán is a noble sort and no “seer”. He only wants to do right by Astrid, but he cannot be everywhere and keep Astrid from putting herself in troublesome positions.

Eventually it all comes right but getting there is the adventure. Fans of medieval romance set in Ireland will enjoy it.

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