Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Review: Carmen Caine’s THE BOLD HEART – A great finish to a wonderful Scottish Medieval Series

Another great story from the Highlands from Caine’s Highland Heather and Hearts series (see list below). This, the last, begins in 1488 in Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye as Scotland is in turmoil with a looming civil war. Ewan McLean, rots in an English jail having been caught trying to free Alec Montgomery. But Merry MacLeod remembers that Ewan saved her from an abusive husband, so she decides to don a lad’s apparel and rescue him.

Both Alec and Ewan fall for the beguiling lass who can ride as well as a man and is handy with a dirk. But once she awakens Ewan’s heart from a long dark passage, he determines no one will possess her but him. There is only one little impediment: he is betrothed to Iona.

Dunvegan Castle

Rich in historical setting and detail with enough of the Scots accent infused into the dialog to make you feel as if you are back in 15th century Scotland, this is a grand finish for a wonderful set of stories. Ewan is a noble, compelling hero and a strong leader. Merry is just the kind of tom boy hero I like. It’s a warm, adventurous romp and a sweet love story all set upon a well-researched foundation. Many of the earlier heroes and heroines return for a cameo appearance, but you can still read it as a “stand alone.”

I loved it!

The Highland Heather and Hearts (Scottish Medieval) Series:

THE DARING HEART (Julian & Liselle)
THE BOLD HEART (Merry & Ewan)

Note: Carmen Caine will be a guest on my blog on May 29th so come on back!

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