Thursday, May 26, 2022

Meggan Connors’ HIGHLAND DECEPTION – A Love Story Set in the Highlands in Between Jacobite Risings


Set in the Highlands in 1725, this is the story of Kenneth Mackay, marked by the English Crown as a traitor for his Jacobite views. Kenneth returns to his home at his twin brother Malcolm’s summons. There he learns his brother, who betrayed him ten years before, is dying and wants Kenneth to assume his identity—to give Kenneth his life back as the clan laird. A slight hitch in the plans is the fact that Malcolm is married.


Lady Isobel Mackay, the daughter of an impoverished English marquess, wonders at the change in her husband. Where once he spurned her for his mistress, now he is attentive and affectionate and sends his mistress packing. Isobel had long ago given up on having a real marriage but now finds she is open to her husband’s change of mind.


When the mistress realizes the man spurning her is not Malcolm, she turns him into the British authorities in Edinburgh who arrest him for his crimes, though the one murder they accuse him of was not his doing but his dead brother’s.


Well written with an intriguing storyline and a few historical characters thrown in for authenticity reflecting good research. I can recommend it. Lovers of Highland romance will find this a good story.

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